I have seen a few Would you rather-book edition tag, with the first question be ‘trilogies or standalones’. But this one i am doing is a different one, it’s not an original tag, I saw it on The Reading Room. And I decided to do it.

So Let’s get started!


spend the day with your favorite author or your favorite character?

I have to say, my favorite character. I have many favorite characters but I would love to spend a day with Etienne St.Clair (in Paris <3). I have always wanted to go to Paris and I wouldn’t mind Etienne as my guide ^^

be in a fantasy book or dystopian book?

FANTASY!! Let me tell you a secret. I am a unicorn. Oh, I guess its not a secret, its in my username. And you cant find my fellows in a dystopian book can you? I have to meet my friends in the fantasy world. Another reason, ‘dystopia’ (n.) is an imaginary community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is literally translated as “not-good place”, an antonym of utopia.

Now who would want to live in a world like that?

read only series or standalones?

I prefer standalones, with companion novels. Because I don’t like cliffhanger. And I get tired of the world when I read too many of it. But there are also some great stories that I love and are series (HP obv, TOG, The Selection…).

be with favorite fictional love interest or real world crush?

I am going with my fictional boyfriend(s) ofc. And that would be Dorian Havilliard from the Throne of Glass series at the moment. I am very awkward in person (shy), I would make a fool of myself. And believe it or not I don’t have a real world crush, except if you count celebrity crushes. Hopeless and pathetic, I am. :/

be a professional reviewer or famous author?

I cant decide on this question. :/ Either of the above is prefect for me.

be Katniss or Tris?

So, the thing is I haven’t read The Hunger Games. I will. I want to, but the chance hasn’t come I guess. But I’ve read Divergent so I will have to choose Tris (even though I don’t really like her).

have a friend never return a favorite book or drop it in a pool by yourself?


I don’t lend my books, and I will never ever drop any book of mine in the pool. Never.

have your favorite book become a movie or a tv show?

I prefer the movie adaptation, because like i said, things get boring when you have too many of it.

have to dog-ear your pages or never be able to mark your place?

I would rather read the book over and over again than to have any sort of dog-ear, marks on my books.

wait five years for the final installment in a series or get it now but have to read every spoilers before you can start it?

I would wait a million years. Spoilers are the worse! I don’t even like to spoil other people.

reread your least favorite book monthly or never be able to reread your favorite book again?

Well, I choose the earlier one because I cant not read my favorite books ever again. And the question didn’t say I have to finish the book. XD

Have unlimited books for a lifetime or live inside your favorite book?

This question didn’t say I have to abandon my favorite books so why not have the unlimited books?

and besides :

The stories we love best live in us forever. -J.K. Rowling ❤


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