Hi guys! *waves from Cambodia*

I am finally tagged to do a book tag and not shamelessly do it by myself XD. But no, there’s nothing wrong with doing something you want to do, invited or not, just do it. XD Thanks Book Land for tagging me though ^^. (featured image credit to Bookish and Awesome)

First thing first, y’all must have seen this debut novel by Adam Silvera around, because its very popular right now and its just released in June, plus with this awesome tag created by the awesome Bookish and Awesome, the book is getting even more notices! I cant wait to read it though!


There are only three simple rules: (1) answer the question “What makes you more happy than not?”, (2) link back to this post (Bookish and awesome’s version) or to the person who tagged you (Bookland’s version), and (3) have FUN!

  1. I am more happy than not, when I get a full night sleep! (full sleep for me is 12 hours XD)
  2. When I go to a bookstore or a library, I am more happy than not! Also I am more more happy than not if I have books in my hands when I come out ^^
  3. Coffee and anything caramel make me more happy than not!
  4. I am more happy than not when I am reading (a good book) alone undisturbed in my small comfortable reading corner (my bed XD).
  5. Good grades or perfect scores on anything makes me more happy than not! I love to win XD.
  6. When I eat french fries ❤ or eat out with my family or party with my friends, I am more happy than not!
  7. I am more happy than not on my birthday even though I dont get many presents :((( XD
  8. Singing along to my favourite songs (too many) or favorite band (5 seconds of summer) make me more happy than not.
  9. When I said something witty or make other people laugh, I am more happy than not!
  10. I might change a bit here, but I am most happy than not when I go on trips. Anywhere, with friends, families or alone. I love traveling. XD

So those are the things or activities that make me more happy than not!

I would like to know the things that make you more happy than not too! I dont really know who to tag, as many people had done this already. So for those who wants to do it, I tag you ;).

I am off reading, Pyeeeee

Kimsiang ❤



  1. Thank you for doing the Tag, Kimsiang! And linking back and giving photo credit. Wow. 12 hours would make me feel like I overslept. But you do you! 🙂 And OH MY GODS I don’t think I’ve ever seen caramel and French fries mentioned in someone’s post but those are two of my most favorites!

    PS. I definitely, definitely recommend this book (if that isn’t obvious)!

    Liked by 1 person

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