Thursday Current Read | THE HUNGER GAMES

Yes you read it right. I am on page 73 of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, for the first time (not rereading lol). It’s never too late eh?

It’s Thursday, I’m sharing with you my reading progression. My current read is The Hunger Games (too much repetition).

Should I even include the book’s info, synopsis and stuffs? Because everybody has already read it. lol.


And I still haven’t watched any of the movies, and still managed to get away from all the spoilers. So please don’t spoil me, it’s not nice :).Btw, I’m on page 73 and I already like Peeta, and Katniss is hilarious. Looks like I’m gonna add this series to my favourite shelf soon. But I’ll decide that again later after I finished it. Hopefully, I’ll finish the whole series before Mockingjay part 2 is out. 🙂 Any THG fans here?



P.s. Worst Book Cover Ever award goes to The Hunger Games. ://


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