Why I didn’t enjoy The Kiss of Deception like most people.


So guys, I’ve read The kiss of Deception by Mary.E.Pearson a while ago, in March this year to be exact. I gave it 3 stars because I find it so boring! I actually bought the book because of the hype, everybody was/is gushing about the plot twist and stuffs. 

The thing is after I finished the book in March, I was completely lost. I didn’t see any plot twists, I actually skimmed the last 30-50 pages. It was just so boring and even though there were actions at the end, it wasn’t enough. 

I even tried to search through the web about the plot twist but most reviews were non-spoiler and I also didn’t care much. So I gave up the research.

Recently I have asked my friend who has just finished the book, if she liked it. And she got all jumpy and excited that it was so good. So I asked her about the plot twist. And she said ‘Because there were two guy in the book, the prince and the assassin. You couldnt figure who was who, and when you thought you got it right, the finally revelation about their identity will shock you!’

I was like ‘what?’ 

I mean it’s because I figured who the assassin and the prince was since the beginning, so I had no idea what everyone was so excited about. 

Even though, I was kinda disappointed with the promised-plot twist, there were some other problems. The story was soooooooo boring (I keep saying that), nothing happened! It wasn’t until the last 100 pages or so but there wasn’t much actions then too like I said in the beginning. I actually almost gave up half way. And Lia (the princess) is definitely not my favorite character. (Lia, thinking of BookLand, but I like Lia from BookLand lol)

And for The heart of Betrayal, I think I’ll download the ebook, because I fear I won’t like the sequel that much too.

Have you guys read the first book? The second one? Tell me your thoughts! Should I buy the second book? Is it better?


12 thoughts on “Why I didn’t enjoy The Kiss of Deception like most people.

  1. It’s unfortunate you didn’t enjoy it. I guess some people are better at figuring things out more than others. I have yet to read the second book, but people are saying the ending is heart breaking. So… why not just give it a try?

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  2. Oooh, very interesting thoughts here. I just finished Kiss of Deception a while ago, too, and even posted a video discussion on the blog! Like you, I figured out who the prince and the assassin was early on… if you look at their body language and the likes that were accompanied by their dialogue, it would be pretty obvious. But I still ended up really liking it so much! It is true that the first half really was mostly romance. If the reader didn’t like the romance then I can see how it could be seen as boring. Hopefully you’ll still try the second book because I heard it was more eventful than the first one. Here’s to hoping I can get to it soon myself!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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    1. I actually enjoyed Lia and Rafe’s relationship, my problem was that nothing happened. Lia went to work everyday, picking berries and stuffs. I think i will give The Heart of Betrayal a try too ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I found this book boring too at first, it took me so long to get into it, but after my second try I really did get into it, and it was pretty good. I felt the plot twist because I guessed wrong, lol how did you guess right? I was so sure about it too so when it was revealed I was like ” wait what? ” I thibk the second one will be better because there won’t be the long boring intro to the world

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