Hellooooo bookworms!

Welcome to another post by me! (weird introduction, hope you all have gotten used to my weirdness so this won’t be that weird)

How many ‘weird’ could you say in a sentence?

No, that’s not the challenge of this post. Sorry, let’s get to it.

I was tagged by the awesome Tasha over at Head in the clouds Heart in the books to do the book cover guessing challenge which was created by Trey Schnarr Books. Go check their blog out because they’re amazing and have cool blogs! 🙂

So for this challenge what you do is you pick a few books (typically well known) that you know little or nothing about and guess what they are about based on the cover and title. Then, you compare it with the actual blurb on Goodreads and see how you fare. I’ve chosen 5 books I’ve frequently come across but know almost nothing about.

  1. Looking for Alaska by John Green



Well, this is hard. I guess Alaska is the MC, and either she’s gone like Margo from Paper towns or is depressed and can’t find herself like Audrey from Finding Audrey. And the smoke….no freaking idea.


So this book was written from the boy POV and it’s like when Alaska came into his life, nothing is the same. Nothing is the same as what I’ve thought.

2. Rook by Sharon Cameron



Well, this book is set in Paris probably the damaged-Paris, post-apocalypse or sth because I can see the damages. And I think rook the bird has something to do with this, and the red things on the feather, I don’t even know.  I think it could also be about time-travel, and it’s the save-the-world kind of book. That’s all I can say…


I was right about the post-apocalyptic Paris setting (because it was so obvious, Kimsiang) and the red feather is actually a mark left by a guy who helps prisoners get out of jail. And there is romance too.

3. Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George



I think this is the she is raised by a beast kind of book? Or she is a half beast half girl? Because Silver? in her blood? (too many question marks) she grew up in a mansion?


So, this is book is about these two girls who were shape-shifters but they never knew, and now it’s time for them to fulfill the prophecy that demands their acceptance of this fate… or fight against this cruel inheritance with all their might. And it was set in Rome and Paris. So wrong, Kimsiang. But A for effort.

4. Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson



Well, I think the girl is some kind of alien with supernatural powers and the Earth in the book is kinda a post-apocalypse world again.


I see, so the girl is actually a human, resident on Earth XD but she has a super power which is she can sense gold, there is a guy who wants to use her, so she disguised herself as a boy and become like a stranger on Earth.

5. The knife of never letting go by Patrick Ness



The knife, maybe assassins? At least there will be loads of blood, and revenge.


Wtf. Okay, this book is set in a town that everybody and everything thoughts could be heard. But then our MC stumbled upon an area that is complete silence. They find that in a town where privacy is impossible, something terrible has been hidden — a secret so awful that Todd and Manchee must run for their lives.

And there you have my fail attempt at trying to guess what a book is about by the cover and title. This is such a fun challenge. I see that Tasha has tagged a lot of people already, (no offense, Tasha), so if you’rent tagged and want to do this, feel free to do it because I tag you or comment below so I can tag you officially!

Thanks for reading!





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