Book Review | DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor

Hello bookworms!

So…I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and it’s not exactly what I expected and I guess that’s why I didn’t love it that much, I still think it’s good tho :///


Title: A Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Author: Laini Taylor

Pages: 420

Publication: August 5th 2012 by Hodder Paperback

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic

Source: Bought


The story follows Karou, a seventeen-year-old normal (well not so normal with her blue hairs and tattoos) Prague art student, but whats not normal is Karou was raised by chimaeras. Brimstone, the owner of the place she lives in, kind of sell wishes, but he demand teeth in exchange and send Karou to fetch these teeth for him. In the beginning, Karou has yet to discover what the teeth are eventually used for and why there are rules such as “no baby teeth” and “no rotting”. While on one of these missions, Karou finds a seraph named Akiva who finds something familiar in her.

“Once upon a time, a little girl was raised by monsters.

But angels burned the doorways to their world, and she was all alone.”

First of all I really like that this book gave me awesome mythology lessons lol I did learn alot about chimaeras and seraphims and all those things.

I also love our MCs, Karou and Akiva, I don’t mind the insta-love (it wasn’t exactly insta-love) I love their hilarious dialogue, but I started to feel a little bit less happy with their relationship when Karou just gave in when she heard the story.

“It’s not like there’s a law against flying.”

“Yes there is. The law of gravity.”

And the story, my biggest problem is, I don’t like Madrigal and the flashbacks. I don’t even know why, I mean I know that’s when the whole mystery is revealed but I find myself skimming the paragraphs and dying for it to switch back to Karou’s POV.

This book was quite dark at times, and of course, I was shocked at what Brimstone uses the teeth for! And the magic, what they can do kinda shocked me because I didn’t expect as much magic in the book.

“…magic was ugly—-a hard bargain with the universe, a calculus of pain.”

Overall, I enjoyed this book alot especially the beginning but not so much in the end with all the flashbacks.

“Was there any fate more bitter than to get what you long for most, when it’s too late?”


I can’t wait to know what happens next!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Kimsiang


11 thoughts on “Book Review | DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor

  1. Reading this I realized I actually had no idea what this book is about but I’ve still always wanted to read it hahaha. Don’t know when I’ll get to it though as I only want to own the US hardcover edition XD

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  2. I just got this as my recent purchase. I’m so glad you liked it. I have been hearing nothing but good words for the series. I hope I will like it, too! 🙂

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