Hello all you lovely readers! 😉

I’m here today with the Emoji Book Tag which I was tagged by the sweet Parneet from The Enchanted Book. Thanks again! 🙂 Go check her blog out because her feeds are enchanting.

Just so you know, I’m a very big fan of emojis. XD. There you go. So in this tag I will choose 5 of most frequently used face emojis. Hope you enjoy this! 🙂

Not-amused face/ Book with failed-attempt at humor.


Actually this book wasn’t that bad, but I was just disappointed with the humour side of the book because this book was listed as comedy/funny. I find it a bit boring for my liking and DNF it.

Tears of joy/ LOL- It’s just so perfect I could cry happy tears / a book with a great sense of humour.

DistanceBetweenUs_UpdateThis book has both of the elements. It’s hilarious and just perfect. Just go read it already. 🙂

Read my review here.

This is so sad, I’m bawling my eyes out: The saddest book in the history of sad books.

Both the movie and the book teared me up, but only the movie made me cry, although my heart shattered when I was reading.

I knew it: A predictable book.

It’s not that predictable but nothing surprised me in the book.

Smiley face: A book that make me smile a lot.

I love these books so much. ❤

So that was most of my emotions XD and the first one is literally my face most of the time.

Thank you guys for reading!

I tag:

(So, I have no idea who has or hasn’t done this tag but it’s a fun tag and I want to share it. But feel free to ignore this if you have already done this or don’t feel like doing it)

Giselle from hardworkboulevard

Anette from AnetteReads

Erika from Erika in Bookventureland

Aria from Aria stuck in wonderland




12 thoughts on “Book Tag | THE EMOJI BOOK TAG

  1. Awww Kim! 🙂 Thanks for tagging me!
    By the way, Love Rosie!!! Was… Oh my Goodness! One of the best books I’ve read. I really wish I’d have a best friend like Alex. And the movie!!! I can’t even. Sam Claflin was the perfect Alex.


    1. Your welcome! AND YESSSS! I love Sam and Lily Collins so muchhh! And I even love the movie more than the book, not bad the book was bad but I love the movie more, just a little more than the book XD (so repetitive XD)


  2. I haven’t read the book, but I absoutely loved the movie adaptation for Where Rainbows End. I heard it was a little bit different from the book. Regardless, it was such a cute movie.

    Thank you for the nomination. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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