Say hi to the birthday girl!

It’s 11th September, and guess what? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

I’m always very excited for my birthday, I don’t even know why. I mean I don’t get many gifts, so I’m not really looking forward to that and I also don’t wanna grow older either…So I don’t know why lol I’m fifteen now! Not excited for that number == take me back to ten.


It’s 9:06 PM here, and so far today has gone quite normal -.-

I went to get my book mail in the morning then went swimming, nothing happened. I appreciate all the birthday wishes on Facebook though :)))))

I will update you guys If things happen XD

And here is the book haul which I like to think that it’s a birthday gift from me to me XD I had a very hard time not screaming with excitement infront of the salesman. IM SO EXCITED FOR THESE THREE BOOKS YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

  Update: 9:31PM.
I just ate the birthday cake lol. I asked my sister why is it pink? lol she said it wasn’t her choice. Because of the color the cake looks pretty lame, but it’s a cake nonetheless XD. And it’s a book, they tried! lLOL

And my sis got me a book, which I have never heard of, she’s not a YA reader so she doesn’t which one I really want lol


And because it’s my birthday, you all will have a good night or day ahead! :))


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