Book Review | FALLING KINGDOMS by Morgan Rhodes


Hi guys!

I’m back with a review of Falling Kingdoms, which is a pretty hyped book and that was why I bought it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

Title: Falling Kingdoms

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Publication: December 11th 2012 by Razorbill

Pages: 412

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, YA

Source: Bought

This book was set in a world called Mytica. In Mytica, it was divided into three more kingdoms as below. The three kingdoms have been living in peace with each other but of course there are people who envy the others.

Auranos is the southern kingdom, and the most plentiful and richest. Extraordinarily beautiful, Auranos is an enormous land filled with rich soil, evergreen lands, warm natural weather, and abundant of wonderful resources.

The main character from this kingdom was Cleo. Cleo was the younger princess of Auranos. Because Cleo wasn’t the heir, she was spoiled and lacked of responsibility. And of course, she liked adventures and a bit naive as in made all the wrong choices. But she had a good heart of course. I don’t think I like her that much but I love her character development at the end.

Another character from Auranos that made a pretty decent amount of appearance was Aron who was the bratty betroth of Cleo.

It all started when Aron killed a Paelsian just because of a small conflict while bargaining for wine.

Paelsia: The worst of the three. The land that was fading away, It is dry, desery, and very poor. Hardly anything good or resourceful grows anymore. Their only form of trade is wine, and because Limeros does not drink, they are forced to sell to Auranos to survive.

We have Jonas, brother of the man that Aron killed. Jonas wanted to revenge the Auranians royalty so he joined force with the Cheif/leader of Paelsia who was joining with the King of Limeros to take over Auranos. I also am not a fan of this character. He was just bland, abit boring when it came to his chapters (oh and yeah this book was a multi-POVs) and we didn’t get to see much of him in the book.

Limeros: Limeros is the most northern kingdome in the world of Mytica. Their primary trade is fishing and military use. Limeros is an extremely cold and barren country with abundant of snow cover. The King of Limeros was known as The King of Blood because he used forces to make his people respect and obey him. He has a son and a daughter, Magnus and Lucia.

Magnus: I don’t like Magnus at the beginning, he just appeared to be a coward and good-for-nothing. I still don’t love him later on, but he grew up more like he knew what he want and I could see his purpose and so on.

For Lucia, I don’t have much to say abour her because she didn’t appear as much as Cleo, and we haven’t yet to see her potentials or greatness (as claimed). I hope to see more of her in the second book.

At first, I was pretty supportive of Magnus’s love for Lucia, but after he confessed and did pretty bad things, he looked like an asshole and I’m disgusted.

The Sanctuary: A place where Watchers lived. Watchers, are people who observe and take care of the lands, but since the Kindred which is the thing that keep The Sanctuary from fading away was lost, Watchers are now in danger. They are trapped in the Sanctuary and can’t take care of the lands anymore, they can only come to the human land in hawk’s forms.

Alexius, one of the watcher, even though he didn’t appear much in the book, I kinda liked him (or a bit more than others).

So it came to the conclusion that I didn’t love any of  the characters.

The thing I love is the writing style, I can clearly divide the lands, their uniqueness and all. I also like some bits of the plot and the myths.

However, I hate that this book lacks a sense of humor. It’s kinda strange that even though there weren’t many things happened in the first half of the book and not even a single funny dialogue, I didn’t feel that bored and didn’t stop turning the pages.

Also, the magic system needs improvement. The magic in this book was called Elementia, which is elemental magic ofc. Those who have magic (which is rare)only possess two of the four elements but there are even rarer people who possess all of the four element. I don’t think this sort of magic is unique. But there werent much explanation of it in this book. It was just another myth of sort but this myth i didn’t like.

I was pretty disappointed in the lack of actions. None of the characters are warriors, so there weren’t much actions going on. I need sword sheathing, stabbing and blah blah but got none.

Moreover, Morgan clearly has no mercy in killing off her characters. Even though I wasn’t that attached with that character, I was pretty shocked.
I also love the ending of this book, how Cleo’s character development was so strong. And it seems like all the characters are different from who they are in the beginning. But I don’t think I’m attached or really like anyone in particular, I think the characters and their personalities are interesting tho, like none of them has shown greatness yet so I want to see how they will change their world.

Overall, I gave this book 3.5 stars. I was very disappointed tbh to the point that I don’t know if I will continue this series :// It wasn’t that bad but I don’t see greatness.


Have you guys read this book? Did you like it? Do you agree with me? Tell me what you think!  🙂



17 thoughts on “Book Review | FALLING KINGDOMS by Morgan Rhodes

  1. Fantastic review, while I really loved the book when I read it, I can totally understand your issues with it. The book definitely took itself a bit too seriously, especially when it came to Magnus and his infatuation with Lucia. When his heart turned to ice in one of the scenes, I had to laugh a little bit – the writing coul definitely use improvement. However I’m excited to see where things are headed in the next few books.

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  2. Aww, I’m so sorry you were disappointed by this. I actually recently hauled this-electronically though, which makes feel less bad about it. And I strongly dislike not feeling connected toward characters. It’s even worse if you don’t even like them for the entire book. I’m glad the writing was still pretty good. I actually think you were quite generous with the rating. 😉 Anyway, wonderful review, Kimsiang!

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