What’s up guys? It’s October! Like Holy Crap! IKR! There are only three months left this year! Anyways, who is excited for Halloween? For me, not really because it’s not a very famous holiday in Cambodia so…Moreover, I’m not a fan of scary stuffs >< But happy Halloween to you!

This post I’m gonna talk about wrapup (obvi if you can read title) or kinda a recap of what happened in my bookish side of life.


First things first, I’m the coolest. Agreed? no? Okay. So September 11th was my birthday so naturally I get loads of books as birthday gifts. (Anybody actually bought that?) -.-

Below is an image of 12 books that most of it were birthday gifts yup but from me to myself. Thanks, Kimsiang.

In case you can’t make out the titles because of my photography skill level is beyond expert lol I got:


I read 6 books this month (including an e-arc which isnt in the pic)

Usually I read 8 books, like almost every months already but the number dropped this month TT I don’t even have any excuse for this, I was just sooooo lazy :///



And that was September from my Point-of-view! How did September go for you? I hope October will bring you all the best! πŸ˜€




14 thoughts on “| SEPTEMBER WRAP-UP |

  1. That’s a super great haul! You got a lot of awsome books there. And yeah I kinda do the same thing, gift books to myself! πŸ˜› And also you did read some pretty great books. Overall, I think both of your months went great, atleast in the bookish way. Here’s to more for the future… πŸ˜€

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  2. Your book haul makes me SO happy for you as you have a bunch of beautiful books. I adored Queen of Shadows. More Happy Than Not gave me the best kind of feels and pain ever. And of course Patrick Ness can do NO wrong.


    1. I’m even more happy to get all the books XD QOS was amazing yes! I have yet to read More Happy than not but I’ve heard more than great things! I enjoyed A monster Calls but it was a bit of a let down which I think is because I don’t understand the ending and the hype lol but i’m excited to dive into more of Patrick Ness’s works! πŸ˜€


  3. I adore the book photography in this post, Kimsiang! And it looked like we both hauled the same Ness book this month. πŸ˜‰ A Monster Calls will be my first one of his; I’m pretty excited! And I’m truly jealous of your copy of My True Love Gave to Me. It’s so pretty!

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