Hi peeps! (or are you not?)

I was tagged by Analee from BookSnacks a while back to do this tag. Follow Analee’s blog because her feeds are yummy! ;D

And here are the questions!

1. Find a book for each of your initials



I have only read one book that started with letter K, but I have a wide selection for letter S! 😀

2. Count your age along your book shelf- which book is it?

Because my bookshelf was a mess, I had to organize it so I could count lol And the 15th book on my shelf is:

This is the third novel in the companion series Anna and the French Kiss. This is prolly my least favorite but it was still amazing! I just love the other two better XD

3. Pick a book set in your city/state/country.

Because I don’t want to change the question anymore, I decided to choose a Cambodia novel lol

I’m not a fan of this kind of Cambodian novels tbh :////

4. Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to.

No explanation needed 😉

5. Pick a book that’s your favourite colour. 

I love the teal/turquoise in this cover and it was shiny that very appeal to me. 🙂

6. Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

Again I chose the Harry Potter series because I’ve watched and read this series many times. 😀

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? 

I didn’t even finished it -.-

8. Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?

Because the sizes….XD

This was so much fun! Thanks again, Analee! 🙂

Happy Reading,

Kimsiang @ TheSpinesBreaker


17 thoughts on “Book tag | MY LIFE IN BOOKS

  1. Great choices! 🙂 I finally completely the HP series for the first time this year. I finished Deathly Hallows in Friday. Now I need to get to watching the movies! I’ve only watched the first three this year and I plan to try to finish the rest this year as well. Maybe watching the fourth today. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I envy you so much that you get to read the books before watching the movies! For me I watched the movies many many times that I remembered their dialogues because I didn’t think I would even buy the books, but I did and the experience was not less than awesome! Enjoy the awesome movies! 😀

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