Monthly Recap | OCTOBER (life and blog)

High School is back in October and I feel like it took all the time in my life that I can barely finish a thing. I barely read any books, I almost didn’t blog a thing at all. Apart from High school, I occupied myself with watercolor and paintbrushes most of the time, which is my new obsession.

I was busy painting and doing schoolworks and being lazy. I was very unmotivated and uninspired. I refer to this as living slump which I’m trying to get out of. I think I’m getting better because I’m blogging! YAYYY!

I don’t have any life updates because life hasn’t been more boring. I was sad everyday because nothing happened. Like nothing happened at all and I was so bored that I got sad. UGHH What is life?



So I read a total of 6 books. So bad I know -.- I have a bookish wrap-up here. You can find mini short reviews of the books I read. I decided to seperate this wrap-up post because that one was already 1800 words. :///

Book Hauls: I have acquired 2 new books this month! Exciting! -.-

I bought The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky which I also finished this month and did a mini review of in my bookish wrap-up.

The other book is Second Chance Summer by Morgan MAtson which was sent to me by Candy from TheBookishGirl. It’s my first giveaway won! YOO HOO! Thanks Candy so much ❤ I’m so excited to read this because Morgan Matson XD

Book Review:

Blog Posts:

October definitely wasn’t great for me, but I’m ready to be back on the game this month! LEt’s do it!

All the best,

Kimsiang XX


4 thoughts on “Monthly Recap | OCTOBER (life and blog)

  1. Your pictures are so gorgeous! And congratulations on winning the giveaway! I’ve entered SO MANY GIVEAWAYS but I’ve only won once, which was a Book of the Month Membership and it made me really happy! I hope you enjoy Second Chance Summer! Seriously, it’s cover is SO BEAUTIFUL. 🙂

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