Book Review |MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME edited by Stephanie Perkins

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Hello bibliophiles, thanks for stopping by.

Today I’m presenting you my review of My True Love gave to me which is a series of twelve different holiday stories by a bunch of different wonderful authors and was edited by Stephanie Perkins .

I buddy-read this book with my buddy obviously, therefore my reading experience was especially fun!

First of all, I rated this book 4 stars. It was a collection of stories, therefore there were some favorites, the not-so favorites and the DNF too.

I’m going to rate the stories individually and review it one by one too 😀

Let’s go!

  1. Midnights by Rainbow Rowell- 5/5 stars

This is one of my favorites, it’s very cute and just Rainbow Rowell okay? This story took place over the span of 4 years, that’s right it was 20 sth pages (lol) because it was written only on midnights of the 31st of December (I’ve heard November 9 by Collen Hoover is written like that too?). Our MCs, Mags aka Magaret and Noel aka Noel, met on the 31st Dec 2011 and had been bffs since then till 2014. Last midnight of that year was very interesting 😉

I love the main character and the story, they were very cute and hilarious. It definitely got me in the holiday vibes. 😀

2. The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link

I’m sorry but this story was a no for me. It was one of my two DNFs. From what I got, the boy is not human, he only appears when it’s snowing and in the holiday season, and I couldn’t continue. I can’t rate this book since I didn’t finish it, but if I have to it would be 2/5 stars. :///

3. Angels in the snow by Matt de la Pena-4.5/5

Another favorite! The main character was very funny, and that’s a hint that the story was going to be great already. And it was! Because of financial problem, our MC- Shy, was stuck in San Diego- cat sitting at his boss’s new apartment, and there were barely any food left. And then there’s this girl, Haley, who asked him to fix her pipes and things started.

Shy lied to Haley about many things and in the end Haley hadn’t been that honest either. I love that aspect of this story. It was very sweet and everything.

4. Polaris is where you’ll find me by Jenny Han

If I’m not mistaken, our MC was one of Santa’s elves. Natalie lived in the North Pole, one day she met a human boy and kinda fell in love and she couldn’t find him after that. And that’s about the story. It was 10 pages long so… I really liked Jenny Han’s writing but I really couldn’t make anything out of the story :/// But at least it was better than the second story so 2.5/5 stars

5. It’s Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins-5/5 stars

Well, it’s Stephanie Perkins, you know what that means 😉 Marigold was moving into a pretty smart apartment with her mom and despite the size of her apartment and money, she wanted a Christmas tree. So she went to the shop, and meet North who sold Christmas trees ofc. North helped Marigold with carrying the Christmas tree and they had a few talks 😉 it was abit too fast (their romance) but it was so cute and swoon-worthy.

Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan-3.5/5

David Levithan so ofc it’s about the diversity. Our MC was asked by his boyfriend to be a temporary Santa for his youngest sister. It was pretty short and pretty good, I don’t even know how to describe it.

Krampuslauf 2.5/5

Well at least I finished the whole story but it wasn’t that good. I really liked in the beginning but when it gets to the end -.-

PS I went to Krampus this week too and I think it was pretty good except I never liked the supernatural thing -.-

What the hell have you done, Sophie Roth? By Gayle Forman-4.5/5

I really liked this one. It would have been five stars if the story hadn’t been written in third person.

Because of financial issue, our MC had to move to this college where she got a scholarship and all the people there were weird and she kinda couldnt fit in. Then Sophie Roth met this guy who just clicks with her despite her surroundings. I love their fast relationship, their hilarious dialogues, and jokes and all that.

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus-3/5

It was a bit boring with all the religious stuffs going on. That’s all i guess..

Welcome to Christmas, CA

FAVVV! It was so sweet and amazing! It’s set in a small town in CA called Christmas so there are shops that have Christmas themed all year long, our MC works in one of the diner. One day, a new chef came to work, he made all her usual grumpy customers became happy and cheerful when they eat his food and he didnt even make the foods that the customers ordered. Turns out he has this supernatural ability and of sort. The ending and everyhting

Star of Bethlehem by 3.5/5

It was a bit unrealistic for me but it was not bad for sure. It just wasn’t for me and I didn’t really clicked with the characters so…

Our MC was a Youtube sensation but she didn’t really like the life of a famous pop star so she exchanged her plane ticket with a stranger girl who wanted to go Newyork which she was heading to. She arrived in this distant village with the stranger’s fiancee’s family. And she liked it there.

The Girl who woke the dreamer by Laini Taylor

The last DNF. I read the first page and closed the book. I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t get anything from that first page so no rating for this one respectedly.


And that was my review! I think the favorites were pretty predictable based on the authors tho I was very surprised to love Kelly Link’s story so much! And Matt de la Pena’s too! 😀

I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone because a few people have DNF it and I didn’t love it that much either.

But you should check out if your interested after reading my review 😀


10 thoughts on “Book Review |MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME edited by Stephanie Perkins

  1. I absolutely loved Midnight and Angels in the Snow! The Lady and the Fox didn’t work well with me either, I was barely able to finish it. Love sets of short stories like these, because I can get a taste of 12 different authors. If you liked this, there is a summer edition called “Sumemr Days, Summer Nights” coming out in June!

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  2. I am definitely interested in reading this now (: Short story collections seem to always be a hit or miss xD but there are some great authors included in this one! Great review as always ❤ and a belated Merry Christmas to you! hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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