2016 Book&Blog Resolutions!

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was so busy with New Year Relative Reunion Dinner thingy and the decorations and all that. But nevertheless, here I am!

This is my first post of 2016. Did I say HAPPY NEW YEAR yet? Oh well there it is 😀 

2016 is here! Can you believe it! I can’t! #livingindenial XD

Anyway, Shawna from BookishShimmyCaster tagged me to do this cool blog New Year resolution post, so thank you so much Shawna!

And here are a few things I hope to achieve XD

Blogging Goals:

  • Be more active and post more! Last year I’ve been AWOL a lot but this year I promise I’ll try not to do that and dedicated more time to the blogosphere. I want to do more than reviews such as discussions, bookish news and so on! I’m thinking of new ideas so stay tuned!


  • Settle on a blog theme, a more professional and easy to browse through one XD
  • Write a review for every books I’ve read
  • Interact more with other bloggers!
  • Have fun!
  • DONT FORGET TO FANGIRL! (because that’s the best part, isn’t it?)


(so you noticed the exclamation marks? 😀 that’s like a motivation to do the task XD)

Reading Goals:

  • 80 books– I read about 70 books excluding the rereads so I believe I can do 80 in 20156 (I’m not used to that yetttt)


  • Explore more genres! I’ve been wanting to read historical fictions and classic lately, both are not my usual go-to genre but I’ll try to read more of them this year!
  • Finish the unfinished series!

and that’s all I can think of at the moment! Wish me luck so that I can accomplish all of them! 😀

Have you set yourself any goals for this year? I would love to know!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in next post hopefully 😀

Best wishes and foods,

Kimsiang XX

26 thoughts on “2016 Book&Blog Resolutions!

  1. Ohhh Great goals and best of luck with them! I also want to settle in a blog theme because I’ve seen some blogs that look amazing! But I’ve to learn stuff first but then I get so excited that I do what I. But I hope I can do something I like! 😀

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  2. I’ve always thought I disliked historical fiction as I attributed old history stuff into the same category of disinterest. But I did recently come across The Blackthorn Key and the “history” was really just in the setting and didn’t feel onerous at all (or maybe I was intrigued with the science/alchemy aspect). Either way, best of luck in reading hisfic/classics!

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    1. Ohh that already sounds interesting! Science, Alchemy and history. I have always liked history, learning and stuffs but I don’t really like historical fiction because sometimes it’s not as exciting as it should but I’ve just checked Blackthorne Key and it sounds pretty promising! Thank you for reading and also the recommendation 😀


    1. I love Phillipa Gregory too! I really get into reading historical fiction, which is funny because I’m terrible with history and dates. Maybe I like it because it takes the pressure off of “remembering the facts” since it’s fiction!

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      1. I actually like studying history in class, learning facts and all but when it comes to fiction, it actually turns boring. Maybe it’s just me because I’m weird XD I’ve heard so much about Phillipa Gregory already, I need to check her books out! Thank you for reading 😀

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      1. I suppose it is a bit more expensive, but I think this one is worth it. Granted, I had to read it in German for my class, but I enjoyed it all the same. ^.^ I hope you find a book you’re looking for!


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