Book Tag | Made In The A.M.

Hi, friends!

Have you listened to this latest album by One Direction? I’m not a Directioner but I have to say this album is A+ .

I love every songs, absolutely every tracks! tho ofc I have my favorites and they are: End of the Days, I want to write you a song, Perfect, and Olivia. 😀

I saw this tag on and even tho I wasn’t tagged, I still decided to do it because of my love for the album. 😀

So Let’s get started!

1. Never Enough

“It’s never, it’s never enough
Never enough”

(a book/series you can never get enough of)

Harry Potter series XD


2. Olivia

“I live for you, I long for you, Olivia”

(a book that you’ve been waiting for and proved to be worth the wait)


I just did a review and discussion here.

10744996_1502157980033882_1464356060_n3. What A Feeling

“What a feeling to be right here beside you now
Holding you in my arms”

(a book that put you on a literary high)

I am a hopeless romantic therefore I’m a sucker for cute contemporary romances, I literally I literally float while reading those XD and my favourite is Anna and the French Kiss companion series. It was cheesy and cliche but that’s how I want the romances to be :ppp

The-Heir_612x9254. Love You Goodbye 

“I know you’re saying you don’t wanna hurt me
Well, maybe you should show a little mercy”

(a book with a heartbreaking situation)

Going with a quiet literal answer here lol but Keira Cass really need to ‘show me a little mercy’. :///

5. Temporary Fix

“I’ll be your temporary fix
You can own me and we’ll call this what you like”

(a book you loved then got over quickly)


Oh I intended to give this book at least a 4-star rating but thinking back to the plot, characters and everything…..

6. Wolves

“One by one, I gotta take them down”

(a book series that got you out of a reading slump)


Either the HP series or the Anna and the French Kiss companion series again 😀

7. A.M.

“Feels like this could be forever tonight
Break these clocks, forget about time
There could be a World War 3 goin’ on outside”

(a book that kept you up til the A.M.)


I’m currently (still) reading The Final Empire and it does work like coffee 😀 (The Final Empire ft. a bunch of other white books XD)

8. Perfect

“Then baby, you’re perfect
Baby, you’re perfect
So let’s start right now”

(a perfect book….duh)


Crown of Midnight espcially ❤

9. Hey Angel

“Hey angel
Do you know the reasons why
We look up to the sky?”

(a book about angels)


I’ve only read this one and it was so good! 😀

10. Drag Me Down

“With your love, nobody can drag me down”

(a book that made you feel invincible)


I have no idea, what does this question even mean? I guess I’ll choose Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because when I finish it every time I’m like ‘Yayyy’ and it always make me feel very happy 😀

11. History

“We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen”

(two authors you want to write together)

Marissa Meyer and Rainbow Rowell! Please don’t ask me why XD I think they would be a perfect partner in crime/writing!


And that was the Made In the A.M. book tag!

I tag YOU! It was such a fun tag, please do it! 😀

Also check out the album, it’s amazing!

Books and more books,

Kimsiang @ The SpinesBreaker


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