Look who’s backkkk…(Catching Up)

Oh my god guys, it’s been three months!

This is Kimsiang, the blogger behind Stories and Brushes, formerly known as The SpinesBreaker. I’m not an imposter, see?

I am still alive, yes, I apologize for my absence these few months. Please don’t hurt me. Yet. I have reasons.

So, I’ve been procrastinating a lot, I know I know, it’s bad.


But besides that, during these past three months, I’ve been making a lot of arts too. (Oh fun fact: I paint, if you don’t already know that lol.) So I’ve been spending a lot of time with my watercolor palette, painting and do brush letterings and stuffs. Talking about paintings, I was thinking of posting art journals on here too (hence, Stories and Brushes lol), I would love to know what you think of that, Do you want to see it? 🙂 I mean I’d totally understand if you’re here solely for the book parts 😀

Besides paintings, there have been a lot of family reunions stuffs and I’ve been very busy, I had to go to provinces several times. But I’ve been documenting my trips a lot too because my new-or not new- interest is photography.

Also, I was taking a new course at school called Media Studies, which is about filming and stuffs. And I had two filming projects, the first one is a short 3mins documentary film about Coffee, and the second one is a 10min long film on homosexuality 😀

I’m really proud of them and I’d show it here if I’m not too insecure about myself as I was in the films :// Do you want to see it though?

So, all of those stuffs combined, resulted in very little reading time for me. Well, part of the reason is also because of my reading slump, I’ve just been so lazyyyyy. I only read about 5 books during the three months I was away. 😦

Anyways, YES I AM PICKING UP THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES AND I’M ON BOOK FOUR!I love City of Glass but City of Fallen Angels is not hooking me up so far, I’m still excited and glad I picked this series up. 😀 I’ve been catching up abit more on my reading challenge which motivates me a lot of come back to the blogoshpere, and I’ve just missed blogging so much.

So, yeah, hi guys! I’m really looking forward to interact with you guys, find out about the latest bookish news, read everybody’s posts and just fangirl 😀

It’s been a while, but I hope you haven’t forgot about me lol.

Sorry about the lengthy post, looking at it like this, three months is quiet a long time even though I still can’t believe we’re halfway through 2016. That’s kinda sad really, for me, I feel like it’s so fast, and I don’t know what to do with my life, and that’s very depressing. *sighs* lol

Anyway, hoping to see you again in my next post!

Until then, Happy reading,

Kimsiang@ Stories&Brushes

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