Bookshelf Tour #2 [2016 Edition]

Helloooooo, friends! Here's part #2 of my bookshelf tour! (you can see the first part here) Overview Part 2 My favorite part about this shelf is the red section, despite my only funko pop of Harry Potter of course, but, yes, I love the vibrancy of the red. On this shelf, there are: Firstly, my [...]

Book Review & Discussion | WINTER by Marissa Meyer

Greetings, bookworms! This is my first book review of the year! Yayyy! So Winter, the fourth and final installment in the epic sci-fi, fairytale-retelling saga, The Lunar Chronicles. It is very sad to see this amazing series come to a close but at the same time I'm glad to see it was wrapped up very [...]

Book Review |MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME edited by Stephanie Perkins

(Let's pretend this post was published on the 25th 😉 there was a bit of technical prob :() MERRY CHRISTMASSSSS! *SPREADS THE LOVE AND CANDIES* Hello bibliophiles, thanks for stopping by. Today I’m presenting you my review of My True Love gave to me which is a series of twelve different holiday stories by a [...]

Book Review | THE LOVER’S DICTIONARY by David Levithan

Hi friends! I know this is completely out of the bookish topic but I went to Jessie J's concert yesterday! Finally crossing out one thing from my bucket list (going to a concert). Well, actually I crossed it out a few months ago when Demi Lovato came to Cambodia. Getting back to Jessie J, I'm [...]


*swings my sword around as greeting* Like the thing people do with swords? :/// There. See? I'm here today with the new trending tag on BookTube which I was also tagged by Aldii from PerfectioninBooks. This tag was created by Morgan Rhodes, the author of the Falling Kingdoms series in addition to the fourth book in [...]


Greetings! Shake hands? Sure. Another tag which I was tagged again by my lovely blogger friend, Aldii @ Perfection in Books. Thanks so much, Aldii. Let's get on with it, shall we? Opening Credits: Favorite Childhood book I remember these were birthday gifts from my sister when I was 9 or 10. (Yep, I was still [...]


Hi, friends! It's been a very tough week, with all the monthly exams and presentation. That's the worst of them all. I feel so relieved now, and it's a holiday even ! Perfect time 😀 Today is the first day of Water Festival, a traditional festival in Cambodia, and it lasts for 3 days. Time [...]


As a coffee addict, I think this would be a very cool tag and *sipping my Iced Cappuccino* I can't wait to answer the questions! I discovered this on Analee's blog, BookSnacks. Let's have fun! 1. Black: Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans. ...thoughts: blank.....woah I can't think of anything....well,.....ohh [...]